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About Salt Soap Co.

If I have been asked once, I’ve been asked a million times, just how did I get into soaping!! I actually love when I’m asked that question because my ‘soap opera’ (see what I did there 😉) is somewhat of a testament to my faith and my strength. My husband, Brad, and I were actually going a hundred mph juggling kids, work, ballgames, and chores until about 2.5 years ago. You’ve heard the saying ‘when it rains it pours’, right? Well that couldn’t have been more accurate for us. Sick parents, job issues, family struggles, just life was hard. What was was once our normal everyday was no more. (I know I’m boring you, but I promise there’s a point to my cathartic release here, I swear!). I’m a reader, and I’ll actually pick up anything to read about. This time I was buried up reading soap recipes daily for some weird reason. I was intrigued. After about a month of research, I finally gave it a go and made my first lye soap (and failed miserably)! My spirit is way too competitive to just let it go, so I tried again and made loaf after loaf until I literally had so much soap that I had turned our formal dining room into my soap room! At this time we had both taken a mental health break from work, and had no clue what our future would hold. We were on auto-pilot, so to speak. Brad had found an outlet by building shelves and wooden molds for my soaps, and I had found my solace through prayer and making soap. So in a sense, this soaping business that I was determined to master was my therapy. Crazy, right?! While it’s always been a dream of mine to own a store in our charming and beautiful downtown, I never imagined I’d actually get the chance to. And I certainly wouldn’t have guessed it would be a soap store!! I honestly have never been crafty at all. Ever.  I prayed daily for the storm to pass. Every day I prayed! And I made soap. Never having a thought that this could turn into a career. It was too much fun to be work! Well I was wrong.   Brad came home one afternoon and said he saw a ‘for rent’ sign...guess where?! Downtown Benton, AR, my favorite place!! Finally! Good news! Although I was still pretty green at soap making, I was learning more everyday. We had nothing to lose, so we ran down and spoke with the owner, told him our plans, and he handed us the keys!! We are now the proud owners of Salt Soap Co. If you’re curious why we’re called Salt Soap, its not because I make only salt bars (although I do love how a luxurious salt bar feels). It’s simply because we live in Saline County. Saline - Salt. Pretty cute, huh?!  So if you haven’t fallen asleep yet, here’s the moral to the 22 chapter book I’ve just written for you. Stay true to your faith, even in the hardest days of life because there’s a silver lining within all that chaos. You will be rewarded for not losing your faith in the grand scheme of things, just hold on. It was literally 2 years of pure hell for us, but in the end, we came out on top. One more thing. Don’t ever be afraid to take a chance on yourself. You’d be surprised to know just how strong you really are. Even though I was unprepared, still learning, and didn’t have everything that I needed to open a store, it’s all coming together now. And there’s our ‘soap opera’, friends. Every soaper has a story. It’s just that ours is a little bit longer. 


About Salt Soap Co.

Welcome to Salt Soap! We are located at 111 W. South St. in historic downtown Benton, between Twigs and Arkansas Stated. I am Colette Collatt (my friends call me Chet), and me and my husband, Brad, are the owners and creators of all things soapy here at Salt Soap Co. We are so excited to bring our handcrafted soaps and bath essentials to our friends and neighbors of Saline County.